Monday, September 15, 2014

Marketing strategies for businesses on national holidays!

Marketing campaigns are never the same, especially at times of national holidays.

Ronn Torossian suggests few effective marketing strategies during national holidays, which help gain buzz in market and boosts sales. Let us look into those approaches:

Drive traffic by using paid search ads

During national holidays, all expects to have fun with their dear and near ones. This increases the online traffic because people are looking for special discounts and deals on those days. Therefore, paid search ads should be used to popularize the product or service, which will drive traffic and increase sales.

Engage customers on social media platforms

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn caters numerous users. Therefore, utilizing these social media sites for creating brand popularity amongst potential customers can prove to be beneficial.   Providing relevant and useful information to people on these sites definitely pays of well at the end.

Create blogs

Blogging is a buzzword in today’s time. Therefore, at times of national holidays, content rich blogs about the product or service should be posted. Posting of new content likely gets indexed by search engine algorithms that provide businesses good search engine ranking and help increase sales.

Create buzz through press releases

Likewise, content rich blogs help get good ranking on SERP, announcing information about company’s events or new products and services also helps crate buzz in the market.

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